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ASM-IACPaLM in Conjunction with ASCPaLM

The 19th Annual Scientific Meeting, Indonesian Association of Clinical Pathologists and Laboratory Medicine is a routine activity organized by the Indonesian Association of Clinical Pathologist and Laboratory Medicine (PDS PatKLIn) once a year. This current annual scientific meeting is unique because it will be held in conjunction with the 16th Asian Society for Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Congress (ASCPaLM).

“Human Empowering Through Advanced Technology in Laboratory Medicine” is a theme that is delivered in this conference. This theme was chosen considering that in the current era of digital revolution, laboratory technology is developing rapidly, and the roles of doctors and reliable medical specialist performance are expected to be the spearhead of digitalization- based laboratory technology development. The development of this technology will also ultimately play a role in empowering an excellent individual, especially in screening, diagnosis and monitoring disease progression and therapy, which has become a trend in the last decade.

The 19th ASM-IACPALM and 16th ASCPaLM become a venue for Clinical Pathologists to improve scientific skills, as well as mastering laboratory technology and Clinical Pathology, through workshops, scientific symposia, plenary lecture and meetings with the experts. This activity is also supported by an updated medical equipment and laboratory exhibition. Oral presentations and scientific posters can also be a means for Clinical Pathologists to further participate in developing their roles in research and publication. A community service in Banyuwangi City will be the closing / finale of a series of events held from 7 to 11 October 2020.

Finally, I look forward to your participation and presence at the 19 th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Indonesian Association of Clinical Pathologists and the 16th Asian Society for Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Congress (ASCPaLM). I hope that this event will be of great benefit to our Clinical Pathologist colleagues as well as to the rest of the medical community.


Betty Agustina Tambunan, dr., SpPK(K)
Chairperson of Organizing Commitee

Clinical Pathology Department RSUD Dr Soetomo Surabaya
Gedung Pusat Diagnostik Terpadu (GPDT) 4th Floor
Jl. Mayjen Prof. Dr. Moestopo 6-8 Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia


Anin +62-812-1739-1909
Kustiah, dr. +62-813-3135-1681

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